When Should You Get Acne Laser Treatment?

There is a wide swath of beauty treatments currently available. In fact, they run the entire gambit from fat freezing to hyaluronic acid injections all the way to laser acne treatments. Each of these treatments can offer a level of aesthetic quality that traditional therapies cannot, and some people enjoy the looks they can achieve with this level of assistance.

However, there is an important fact to remember. This fact is that all medical treatments, or aesthetic treatments that have medical components, must be undertaken with caution. Indeed, rushing into a procedure that can have severe consequences is never the right idea, and can lead to more serious complications than if there had been no action. Therefore, knowing what you are getting into is the first step in pursuing any of these procedures.

Is Laser Acne Treatment Right for You?


You should be aware that the risks are not overly dangerous when it comes to laser acne treatments. Yes, there is always the possibility of complications, but generally, following the practitioner’s advice and instructions will yield positive results. However, the first concern most people have is the level of pain for this treatment.

Is The Procedure Painful?

Luckily, most people report very little pain when it comes to laser acne treatments. There may be some minor discomfort during the procedure itself, but it is relatively temporary. Remember, the laser is not a persistent beam that sweeps across your skin. Instead, it is a series of short bursts that are noticeable only during the actual event.

Although it is relevant to note that the after-effects for some people can vary. In some cases, people will experience redness and minor swelling after the procedure. This is a normal reaction as your skin has just been gently perforated, but it often clears up within a day or two. Again, following the instructions of your practitioner is an essential part of the recovery process.

Is the Treatment for Everyone?

The reality is that laser acne treatments are not for everyone. To really understand the reasoning for this, consider the mechanics of the procedure. The laser focuses on the red part of the light spectrum, and it targets red pigments in the skin. It is truly that simple. 

However, this simplicity also means that if your acne scars are a very similar shade to your skin tone, the treatment won’t be as effective. This truth also means that if you have dark or sunburned skin, the laser can have difficulty differentiating the right areas to treat. Ultimately, the best course of action is to consult with the person performing the procedure before deciding it is right for you.

Do You Have to Change Your Behaviour for Laser Acne Treatment?

There are many benefits to this particular procedure, and one of them is the relatively small lifestyle changes you must make. Indeed, it is true that after the procedure, you will have to avoid direct sunlight and artificial tanning solutions. Similarly, you may have to skip specific skin treatments or moisturizers in the immediate aftermath.

However, the treatment and aftercare will be relatively specific for every individual. Therefore, you should book your appointment today and find out if this wonderful process is right for you.

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